Changing Lives: Preventing youth from going to prison

  • Prevention program makes “Big” impact on our Youth

Visiting Walker State Prison as a high school student was definitely a life changing experience. During the tour we went through open proximities, dormitories, solitary and other parts of the establishment. Although these were very interesting things to encounter, what impacted me the most was talking with the inmates and hearing their stories. There was a man who had never talked to a group before us that really caught my attention. After giving his story about the mistakes he had made and explaining the things he will change when he gets out of prison, I truly fell in love with the PPM program. The men that spoke constantly expressed how important it is to make a difference in your life if you felt like you were on the wrong path. Since the prison tour I have started running track, working out and I’ve done my best to make people around me feel wanted.

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  • Given by ex-offenders about poor choices and their consequences and change that came from a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Testimonial speakers challenge and encourage youth to make better choices.


Prison Tours

  • Give youth insight about prison life, and offer tools for change to become productive members of society.
  • PPM staff guide kids in making better decisions and connect teens to positive avenues for personal / spiritual growth.
  • Promotes mentor relationships that distinguishes the program from other “field trips.”

Youth Comments


"This trip showed me the real life consequences of the bad decisions people make. Encountering and seeing the lifestyle of the inmates made me realize how blessed I am to have people who care about me enough to teach me right from wrong. Prison and jail are certainly places I don’t want to be so I will choose the right things and stay on the right path. Just want to give a big shout out to God for giving me the knowledge to stay away from the wrong things."


"My mentor spent time with me and took me to church and when she was removed from my life I’ve been getting in trouble ever since- until… going on this trip. I have anger issues but the trip helped ...I’m not fighting as much. One of the ladies in the dorm talked about fighting and how it can lead to incarceration. I never want to be in a place like that. Since then I have been doing much better and am trying to control my anger. My mom is known as a fighter and I do not want to end up like her!"


"Today, I went on a prison trip to Silverdale. Due to the unforgettable experience, I learned that God can do miraculous things. We shouldn’t judge someone by the way they sin, when in God’s eyes every sin is equal. All I have to do is trust in Him and everything is okay. Actually, with God everything is more than okay! God planned for some of those inmates to go to jail so they can feel the love of God in their lives. Looking back at this event in my life, I will thankfully know that God can reach people everywhere in every situation."

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