Preventing Youth from going to Prison

Presentations: Youth will have the opportunity to hear real life experiences from those who have made poor decisions and suffered their consequences. The presentations illustrate the significance of choices even at an early age.


Prison Tours: Youth will tour a medium/maximum-security prison. It is not intended to scare, but rather educate on the reality of poor decision making. The guided tour will be conducted by Prevention and Facility Staff. Youth may have the chance to hear stories from inmates and visit the cafeteria, recreation yards, dormitories, as well as lock-down units. Youth will also see career opportunities within the Department of Corrections. Each institution will determine what the tour group will see upon arrival.


Group Follow Up and 1-on-1 Follow Up: PPM staff will hold a group debrief following the tour. PPM staff may also visit with the youth 1-on-1 for relationship and character building. The staff will offer strategic tools to encourage the youth to move towards positive goals for the future.


Referral Program: We believe long-term relationships change lives through connection and accountability. Youth may be referred to other organizations within the community to reinforce positive decision making.

By connecting youth with life-changing experiences, Prison Prevention Ministries is able to create relationships with youth in 7 counties across Tennessee and Northwest Georgia. Numerous youth begin their personal journey with Jesus as a result of this program. Our program has been used in schools, churches, recreation centers and more. The program includes:

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