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Prison Freed Him

Darrin was a married man with two beautiful children and a successful business of his own. Today he has been incarcerated 18 years for homicide and is now participating in Prison Prevention Ministries at Walker State Prison.

“Most of my existence, I had always been one to take - never thinking about giving in return. I was an extremely selfish person and did not feel God’s love,” Darrin says.

“Foolishly, my warped understanding was that I deserved a lifestyle of privilege. Living far beyond my financial means was an irresponsible behavior that would ultimately change everything for me. I let my emotions control most of my decision-making, placing me where I am today. My imprisonment is a daily reminder that there are consequences to every action.”

Before joining Prison Prevention Ministries, Darrin talked to others who were involved and watched as volunteers made weekly visits in hopes they would bring people to the knowledge of a God who saves. He decided to participate and one day Prison Prevention Ministry invited Darrin to share his story with a youth group.

“I spoke on the gloominess and despair of my prison confinement, on how the most precious gift we all possess is freedom (something bestowed to every person by God), and on how one bad decision could land them behind bars — just like me,” Darrin says.

But he also shared the good that came out of his incarceration. The structured environment of being locked up helped to instill in him a more disciplined way of living. Darrin believes coming to prison truly saved him.

“It has allowed me to have an intimate and devoted relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Because of Him, I have gained the strength to no longer permit the world to dictate my fate. Through my personal and spiritual development and maturity, I have been freed from the inside-out.”

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