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Our Story Matters

Shelby Kilgore found her way to Prison Prevention through a coworker who had heard one of PPM’s presentations at her school. She already knew a member of PPM, our Prevention

Manager Gretrell Watkins, and reached out to him to learn more. Soon after, she found herself sharing her story of hope in both schools and prisons, to both students and inmates.

“Sharing my story with others, hoping they can learn from it, made me realize that it’s such a blessing that I’m still alive today.” Shelby shared when asked how PPM had impacted her life.

“For me, it made me more humble, and to not judge those in prison. And then, from the kids' standpoint, it gave me more understanding.”

She also shared how important it is for the students she spoke with to be engaged, and the images below show how much it means to students when they truly hear her story.

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