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InZone feels like Home

Meredith Osterhaus and her husband, Joshua, moved to the Chattanooga area in the summer of 2021. She is a 4th grade teacher at Middle Valley Elementary School and is an InZone tutor through a partnership with Hamilton County Department of Education. These tutors provide hours of academic tutoring each week across different subjects.

“Our principal, Mrs. DeYoung, sent out an email about InZone, and I thought it sounded awesome before I even knew what InZone was,” Meredith says. “Little did I know I was stepping into a really beautiful family. Building relationships with these boys has been super special while also watching them grow academically and behaviorally.”

“The first time I came to the group time they were sharing some really deep stuff, not at all concerned with the fact it was the first time I had met them,” she says. “The vulnerability of the boys to express their feelings, fears, and successes says a lot about the culture of InZone. It is a culture of trust, of encouraging deep thinking and the power of your story. The message is translating to these kids. The culture is influencing them.”

The stories of our InZone boys vary widely, but each of them is part of the program because they are struggling in some capacity. Meredith has seen how impactful providing consistent support and love can be for the boys. They may have been told or learned, either through actual words or things they’ve experienced, that their life is going to take a certain path or look a certain way. The truth that counters those lies is that they do have the ability to change their trajectory.

For Meredith, who has grown up with foster children as part of her family’s story, the community and culture of InZone has provided her an outlet to serve while filling her cup at the same time.

“InZone really is one of the first things that I have had since being in Chattanooga that has felt familiar and like home.”

Meredith's kind, loving spirit is felt by each student and staff. We feel so fortunate to have people, like Meredith, who take the time to pour into our students. The volunteers, tutors, and staff of PPM are working every day to bring the love of Christ to those we serve, because we know that only through the real love of Christ can real change happen.

InZone is an early intervention/prevention program for at-risk youth who are struggling academically or behaviorally. We provide an array of services to include tutoring, mentoring, individual and family counseling, spiritual counseling, and adventure based activities.

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