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Battle Strategies

It was another great evening! As part of tonight's study, we talked about creating "battle" strategies to defend against the enemies temptation.

One of the ladies said she was supposed to have been released today, but the release was delayed. She spoke of how she had planned on getting high as soon as she got home. She debated about coming to the Bible Study and was just going to call her husband (also an addict). But she felt prompted to come to bible study; she has a Bible believing grandfather! At the end of class as I was gathering prayer requests and she told this story and knew that she needed God's intervention and that she needed to stay clean for her children!!

Her prayer is to remain drug free and that her husband would come clean! I love how God intervenes!! If she had been released she would have already been wasted, but instead she intends to stay clean and in Christ!

Sue Thomas, PPM Volunteer

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