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For the Glory of God

Jeremy was raised in a single parent household with a mother who loved and provided for him, but they lived in the projects where drugs and criminal activity was normal.

“I grew up with the perception that the wrong thing was the right thing,” Jeremy says, looking back on his life. When he was twelve, he started smoking marijuana and at fourteen he was a methamphetamine addict.

“By the age of sixteen I was a full-blown criminal. I believed I could live anyway I wanted, with no regard to the consequences of my actions. So what if I went to prison? My motto was, ‘If I can survive in the streets, I can survive in prison.’”

Life was consumed by drugs, manipulation, disrespect, incarcerations and broken relationships.

“Jesus Christ saved me on November 22, 2012 … and all I wanted was to share that experience,” Jeremy says. “We are blessed to be able to engage with Prison Prevention Ministries in the youth group tours.”

He has a 21-year-old daughter who is very involved with his life. “She loves when I share the stories with her about my involvement with this ministry. I remember my first time going in to speak to the youth, I was so nervous, but I knew I had a story that some of them could relate to.”

Once, in the smaller group meeting with the youth there was one young girl who revealed her dad was a drug addict and she had watched him overdose and die.

“God allowed me to minister to this young lady and the ministry staff told me that I had a deep impact on her life. That day three youth dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ, through hearing our testimonies.

“My involvement with Prison Prevention has allowed me to connect with people for the glory of God,” he says. “Our youth need to know that someone cares, that they are loved and there is hope, and that is what Prison Prevention provides.”

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