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Being the hands and feet of Jesus to those incarcerated

Katherine Cauley is the creator of Free is Free Indeed, a Christian blog and apparel company seeking to show people how God invites them to live in the freedom that comes from knowing Christ. She was first introduced to Prison Prevention Ministries when she sought out another ministry to partner with and donate part of the proceeds from her company to. She had then, and has now, a heart for prison ministries. But where did that heart begin?

When Katherine was in preschool, her father was in prison. While incarcerated, Katherine’s father was introduced to the Gospel through another prison ministry with a similar program as PPM and was introduced to a relationship with God. When he came home, he brought the Gospel with him.

“My entire family’s life was blessed by the fact that he gave his life to Jesus in prison,” Katherine said. She spoke about how it went when he began telling Katherine’s mom about Jesus. At first, she wasn’t interested, believing it to be unsustainable. Over time, though, something began to change.

“He started really living for God, and she started seeing the fruit in his life,” Katherine said. ”It wasn’t just the words from his mouth, but the fruits from his changed life.”

Being an example of Jesus through his actions changed Katherine’s family, and the rest of her life. She attributes all of this change to Jesus, but also to the existence of prison ministries. Her contribution to Prison Prevention Ministries is a testament to her faith in the importance of being the hands and feet of Jesus to those incarcerated.

“The trajectory of my life has been changed as a result of prison ministries. Connecting with Prison Prevention Ministries was an easy decision.”

We encourage you to check out Free is Free Indeed!

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