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"I’m a part of the family"

Bashaar Alhussieni was introduced to Prison Prevention Ministries through his mother, who met one of our PPM staff members, Gretrell Watkins while taking college courses. Bashaar got to meet Gretrell and Gretrell took him under his wing, introducing him to people in PPM and bringing him along to prison trips and different events.

He knew Gretrell from 7th grade until present day, as a high school graduate. Before he started going on trips with Gretrell, he didn’t know much about prison. But, going into the prisons on PPM’s prison tours, it gave him a new perspective.

“When you go in, you get to hear different stories from people who’ve been in and out of jail and you kinda get to see not only what it’s like living that life, but if you don’t turn around, where you’re going to end up,” Bashaar says. “It gives you perspective on what you could end up like if you do turn to that sort of life. You learn life lessons, and you learn to look at your life a little different, too.”

Gretrell has continued to mentor him through the years and treats him like his own son. He introduced him to PPM as a member of the family, and that’s how he felt.

“I know if I ever need anything, I can call Gretrell and he’ll help me out. I’m a part of the family.”

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