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38 Miles to the Cross of Calvary

Mickey grew up in the inner city of Chattanooga, TN surrounded by a family destroyed and devastated by alcohol and drug addictions. Mickey spent years in different drug recovery programs, jails and prisons in 22 facilities in 8 different states and 2 countries.

By the age of 25 he realized he needed a change and gave his heart and life to Jesus Christ.

“I made a commitment to the Lord in a jail cell that day that I would serve him in rescue missions, drug rehabs, in prisons and jails,” Mickey says. “I lived for Jesus in prison and I am committed to living for Christ on the other side of the razor wire in freedom.”

As a part of his commitment to God, Mickey volunteers with PPM every Friday night in the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment program (RSAT) at Walker State Prison. This 9-month program provides court ordered detainees the opportunity to address mental health and substance abuse issues without a full prison sentence.

“These guys have nothing and no one. Most times their families have abandoned them,” Mickey says. “If someone doesn’t come in and teach them about Christ all they are going to learn is how to sell drugs, how to use drugs, and how to steal. This program really helps change that criminal mentality.”

The hurts and the heartaches of these inmates is something Mickey connects with on a personal level.

“I am the ex-offender returning citizen. Its only by the redeeming grace of God I can stand where I am at today and walk the talk. It was the volunteers that stepped into my life to minister to me when I was at rock bottom that made the difference.”

“I have about half a dozen guys that I stay in contact with that have been released,” Mickey says. “These guys aren’t inmates or prisoners; they are family. That’s the purpose of PPM, develop a Christian family.”

When asked why he continues to volunteer, Mickey says “Christ went to Calvary for me. It doesn’t bother me a bit to drive to Rock Spring, GA. The 38 miles I drive one way is a small contribution of seeing somebody come to the cross of Calvary.”

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