How COVID-19 is Impacting PPM

            There is no question that the current situation with the coronavirus has brought our programs in schools and correctional facilities to a screeching halt.  All those venues are either completely shut down or closed to anyone from the general public.  Our office is closed in compliance with requests from local, state and federal government officials.  We have staff members in high risk categories who have been forced to shelter at home.  We are concerned for the health and safety of our volunteers, some of whom have been directly affected.  However, our passion and commitment to our ministry remains stronger than ever. 

            Our staff is continuing to work remotely to stay in contact with schools and correctional facilities.  We are maintaining close communication with our volunteers.  We are continuing our pursuit of funding sources and our plans for strengthening and extending our programs.  We are re-organizing and revising our computer files and Bible study curriculum.  We are keeping our documentation and reporting up to date. Some of us have assisted with community efforts to help those who need food and supplies.  Moreover, we are doing everything we can to make sure that whenever this crisis is over and all restrictions are lifted, we can immediately resume all programs without further delay.

            Now, more than ever, we need the support and prayers of our donors and our community, not just for PPM but for those whom we serve.  Anyone who is incarcerated is facing extreme danger from the virus because any kind of infection tends to spread like wildfire in their crowded environment, where appropriate sanitization is nearly impossible. The inmates are now without any educational or religious programs and without visitation.  Medical treatment is limited in correctional facilities, even under normal circumstances. Please pray for everyone who lives or works inside of our jails and prisons.  Consider contacting a facility near you to inquire about needed supplies, printed materials, Bibles, or other resources that you or your church could help provide.

The Hamilton County Department of Education is feeding students who are out of school.  They need volunteers to help pack meals and to help deliver them by bus.  You can find all the information about the program on the website for HCDE.  Please pray for the students who are now expected to continue their academic work electronically, and for all the parents and caregivers who are trying to assist them.  One of our local churches has provided grocery gift cards, which we are distributing to the families of students in our prevention program. 

            You can help the children in our area who have one or more incarcerated parents by sponsoring them in our Christmas Angel program. It is not too early for individuals, small groups, or churches to register as sponsors or to donate to the program.  We provide Christmas gifts for the children with a note from their incarcerated parent, which they receive at a party where we share the Gospel with them. We would like to expand the program to provide school supplies to the children as well. 

            Finally, we deeply appreciate your continued financial support of Prison Prevention Ministries.  We are depending on our donors to help us continue working remotely, and to make sure that our ministry programs in the field are up and running the moment that current restrictions are lifted.  We cannot adequately express our appreciation for your faithful support.  You are all in our hearts and prayers.

            No matter the circumstances, we trust in our Sovereign God.  He is faithful and in complete control.  We know and believe that He works in all tings for our good and for His eternal purposes, and that He will supply all our needs, according to His riches.  We praise and thank Him for His blessings, and for all of you who are part of our ministry.