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Contact: Gretrell Watkins, Prevention Manager

We at Prison Prevention understand that young people are faced with many choices. We provide speakers who have been there, who have made the wrong choices in their lives, but who also made the right choice of asking God to change them.

We take youth on prison tours to see the consequences of poor choices; by meeting inmates that have already been there and now live with the choices they’ve made. Confinement, no choice of clothes, you do as you are told, no freedom. Inmates encourage youth to wise up and not follow the same path.

Many have asked Christ to come into their hearts…your support helps provide speakers, tours, follow-up and mentoring from our PPM staff. Our goal is to change our community one life at a time, will you join us?



Changing Lives

Preventing youth from going to prison

Meet Jennifer - A life that was changed!

by Melissa Gustafson, Counselor

"Hello Melissa, I don't know if you remember me but you came to my          school and I went on a few prison tours with Prison Prevention Ministries.     You guys changed my life.

I stopped getting into trouble, I graduated with honors, I got a great job, I am engaged to an amazing man, and I have my beautiful little girl, Aaliyah. I just had to tell you."  Jennifer

So I took her out to lunch to catch up and as we were talking she shares with me how impressed she was with our program and how she wants to let others know it is not a scared straight program but a tool to help youth.

“When you all took me on the prison trips and the inmates shared                 their stories, it helped so much. I would like for my fiancé to go on                    a tour. I want to be a part of what you all do at PPM.”