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I am so thankful to witness HIS provision in answering our prayer at our last Board Meeting. 

Praise God for this is HIS ministry and HE has again proven HIS favor on PPM to continue to do the work HE has called us. 

It is amazing how HE provides. 

Last night an inmate at WSP prior to our scheduled Bible Study was sharing with another inmate that he felt very lonely during Christmas. When he came into our class room we prayed that God would provide what each of us needed.

Our first class was last night for the 1Q2017 and we are studying "Reasons to Celebrate - Studies from the Book of Psalms".

The first lesson was "We are Never Alone". You should have seen his face throughout the evening. He knew God gave him what he needed.

I highly recommend that you all step into HIS work in prison or at least attend the Revival at Silverdale Prison. You will be blessed and be a blessing to others.

Thank you God for your favor to PPM.

Fred Boeninger, Board Member



"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matthew 5:16

Life-Skills Seminars

I would just like to thank ya’ll for taking time out of your day to come teach us about the Lord Jesus.

What did you like most about the seminar?
• The fellowship and loving family feeling.
• The opportunity to share my thoughts and to hear the thoughts of others regarding the study.
• To get closer to the Lord. To be in a fellowship family.
• Good teachers who engage the class and make clear points.

Things you have learned?
• To trust God; that He has a plan for our lives.
• God always works things out for our good if we are faithful and obedient.
• Forgiveness and perseverance
• Ways to avoid conflict / to look at struggles from another view
• That I’m not alone in what I’m going thru.